By providing relevant continuously improved products and services that are affordable and are in the forefront of the pyrotechnics industry, IPP is recognized as the leading organization and role model by members, stakeholders and the industry in developing excellence in the pyrotechnics.

The Institute of Professional Pyrotechnics of Canada (IPP) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to achieving public awareness for the IPP and to assist the pyrotechnician to adhere to a safe, professional, and ethical standard in the pyrotechnics profession.

The focus is to create member value and benefits that in turn contribute to improving safety and knowledge within the industry.

To become a member please email fireworksinstitute@gmail.com to have the registration form sent to you.


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  • Finale Discount Software 
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  • Discount on Conference Registration 
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Membership Rates

Display Assistant Membership with IPP - $275.00 *Plus applicable taxes

Display Supervisor Membership with IPP (without insurance) - $375.00 * Plus applicable taxes

Group Insurance with Purves Redmond (membership required)- $660.00 * Plus applicable taxes

*To opt into the Group Insurance program you must be an IPP member.